§ 39-7-1. Definitions.
§ 39-7-2. Authorization for incorporation generally.
§ 39-7-3. Filing of petition for election as to incorporation.
§ 39-7-4. Form and verification of petition.
§ 39-7-5. Summary proceedings for review, etc., of sufficiency of petition.
§ 39-7-6. Publication of notice of filing of petition and of question to be submitted to voters at election.
§ 39-7-7. Submission of question proposed by petition to voters at general election.
§ 39-7-8. Holding of special election for submission of question to voters; provisions of law governing conduct of such elections; payment of expenses of elections.
§ 39-7-9. Contents and form of election ballot.
§ 39-7-10. Adoption of resolution setting forth question submitted and votes cast; declaration of incorporation of improvement authority.
§ 39-7-11. When authority deemed incorporated; transmission of certified copy of resolution, etc., to Secretary of State; Secretary of State to furnish statement of names, etc., of authorities incorporated to Department of Finance; publication of statement and effect thereof.
§ 39-7-12. Authority to be public corporation; exercise of powers of authority.
§ 39-7-13. Purpose and powers of authority generally; sale, transfer and conveyance of entire water system to public corporation authorized to conduct business of water distribution system.
§ 39-7-14. Board of trustees of authority — Composition; appointment, removal and terms of office of members; vacancies.
§ 39-7-15. Board of trustees of authority — Members not to hold public office under municipality.
§ 39-7-16. Board of trustees of authority — Organization meeting; selection of officers.
§ 39-7-17. Board of trustees of authority - Compensation; delegation of powers and duties to employees, etc.
§ 39-7-18. Board of trustees of authority - Powers generally.
§ 39-7-19. Transfer of supervision, possession, control, etc., of property, rights, books, papers, etc., of plant or system owned by municipality to authority generally; continuation in effect of provisions of law as to powers and duties of municipal officers and employees.
§ 39-7-20. Transfer of municipal officers and employees to authority.
§ 39-7-21. Obligations of contracts of municipality not to be impaired; payment of notes, bonds or other obligations issued by municipality; assumption of municipal contracts as to plant or system by authority.
§ 39-7-22. Powers generally; consent of Department of Finance required for issuance or sale of bonds or other evidence of indebtedness by authority.
§ 39-7-23. Authorization for issuance of bonds by authority; terms, denominations, sale, redemption, etc., of bonds; issuance of interim receipts, certificates, etc.
§ 39-7-24. Liability on bonds and other obligations of authority.
§ 39-7-25. Rights and remedies of bondholders.
§ 39-7-26. Pledge as to alteration, impairment, etc., of certain rights and powers of authorities and rights and remedies of bondholders by state.
§ 39-7-27. Disposition of moneys of authority.
§ 39-7-28. Examinations of accounts and books of authority; copy of examination to be furnished to board of trustees; publication of statement and analysis of financial standing of authority; special audit and examination of books and accounts of authority.
§ 39-7-29. Authorization and procedure for enlarging of services furnished by authority.
§ 39-7-30. Authorization and procedure for diminishing of services furnished by authority.
§ 39-7-31. Limitation as to number of special elections for incorporating authority or enlarging or diminishing services furnished by authority.
§ 39-7-32. Furnishing of services outside boundaries of municipality by authority.
§ 39-7-33. Purpose of chapter; chapter exclusive as to franchises, licenses, permits, etc., for authorities.
§ 39-7-34. Provisions of chapter exclusive as to matters covered by chapter.