Article 1. General Provisions, Definitions and Jurisdiction of Court.
Division 1. Short Title, Construction, General Provisions.
§ 26-2A-1. Short title.
§ 26-2A-2. Rule of construction; purposes.
§ 26-2A-3. Supplementary general principles of law applicable.
§ 26-2A-4. Severability.
§ 26-2A-5. Construction against implied repeal.
§ 26-2A-6. Facility of payment or delivery; notice of payment.
§ 26-2A-7. Delegation of powers by parent or guardian; parental authority.
§ 26-2A-8. Application to existing relationships.
§ 26-2A-9. Preservation of powers and duties of existing curators; curators become conservators on January 1, 1997.
Division 2. Definitions.
§ 26-2A-20. General definitions.
Division 3. Scope, Jurisdiction, and Courts.
§ 26-2A-30. Territorial application.
§ 26-2A-32. Venue; multiple proceedings; transfer.
§ 26-2A-31. Subject matter jurisdiction.
§ 26-2A-33. Practice in court.
§ 26-2A-34. Records and certified copies.
§ 26-2A-35. Jury trial.
§ 26-2A-36. Appeals.
Division 4. Notice, Parties, and Representation in Guardianship and Protective Proceedings.
§ 26-2A-50. Notice; method and time of giving.
§ 26-2A-51. Notice; waiver.
§ 26-2A-52. Guardian ad litem.
§ 26-2A-53. Request for notice; interested person.
Article 2. Protection of Persons Under Disability and Their Property.
Division 1. Guardians of Minors.
§ 26-2A-70. Appointment and status of guardian of minor.
§ 26-2A-71. Parental appointment of guardian for minor.
§ 26-2A-72. Objection by minor of 14 or older to parental appointment.
§ 26-2A-73. Court appointment of guardian of minor; conditions for appointment.
§ 26-2A-74. Venue.
§ 26-2A-75. Procedure for court-appointment of guardian of minor.
§ 26-2A-76. Court appointment of guardian of minor; qualifications; priority of minor's nominee.
§ 26-2A-77. Consent to service by acceptance of appointment; notice.
§ 26-2A-78. Powers and duties of guardian of minor.
§ 26-2A-79. Termination of appointment of guardian; general.
§ 26-2A-80. Proceedings subsequent to appointment; venue.
§ 26-2A-81. Resignation, removal, and other post-appointment proceedings.
Division 2. Guardians of Incapacitated Persons.
§ 26-2A-100. Appointment of guardian for incapacitated person by will or other writing.
§ 26-2A-101. Venue.
§ 26-2A-102. Court appointment of guardian for incapacitated person.
§ 26-2A-103. Notice in guardianship proceeding.
§ 26-2A-104. Who may be guardian; priorities.
§ 26-2A-104.1. Corporations as guardians for developmentally disabled.
§ 26-2A-105. Findings; order of appointment.
§ 26-2A-106. Acceptance of appointment; consent to jurisdiction.
§ 26-2A-107. Emergency orders; temporary guardians.
§ 26-2A-108. General powers and duties of guardian.
§ 26-2A-109. Termination of guardianship for incapacitated person.
§ 26-2A-110. Removal or resignation of guardian; termination of incapacity.
§ 26-2A-111. Proceedings subsequent to appointment; venue.
Division 3. Protection of Property of Persons Under Disability and Minors.
§ 26-2A-130. Protective proceedings.
§ 26-2A-131. Protective proceedings; jurisdiction of business affairs of protected persons.
§ 26-2A-132. Venue.
§ 26-2A-133. Original petition for appointment or protective order.
§ 26-2A-134. Notice.
§ 26-2A-135. Procedure concerning hearing and order on original petition.
§ 26-2A-136. Permissible court orders.
§ 26-2A-137. Protective arrangements and single transactions authorized.
§ 26-2A-138. Who may be appointed conservator; priorities.
§ 26-2A-139. Bond.
§ 26-2A-140. Terms and requirements of bonds.
§ 26-2A-141. Effect of acceptance of appointment.
§ 26-2A-142. Compensation; reimbursement; court costs.
§ 26-2A-143. Death, resignation, or removal of conservator.
§ 26-2A-144. Petitions for orders subsequent to appointment.
§ 26-2A-145. Conservator's standard of care and performance.
§ 26-2A-146. Inventory and records.
§ 26-2A-147. Accounts.
§ 26-2A-148. Conservators; title by appointment.
§ 26-2A-149. Recording of conservator's letters.
§ 26-2A-150. Sale, encumbrance, or transaction involving conflict of interest; voidable; exceptions.
§ 26-2A-151. Persons dealing with conservators; protection.
§ 26-2A-152. Powers of conservator in administration.
§ 26-2A-153. Distributive duties and powers of conservator.
§ 26-2A-154. Enlargement or limitation of powers of conservator.
§ 26-2A-155. Preservation of estate plan; right to examine.
§ 26-2A-156. Claims against protected person; enforcement.
§ 26-2A-157. Personal liability of conservator.
§ 26-2A-158. Termination of proceedings.
§ 26-2A-159. Payment of debt and delivery of property to foreign conservator without local proceedings.
§ 26-2A-160. Foreign conservator; proof of authority; bond; powers.