Article 1. Housing Finance Authority.
§ 24-1A-1. Legislative findings and declaration of purpose of chapter.
§ 24-1A-2. Definitions.
§ 24-1A-3. Incorporation of authority authorized; application; filing; fees.
§ 24-1A-4. Members, officers and directors; appointment; qualifications; meetings of board and public notice thereof; salaries; record of proceedings; copies of proceedings as evidence; permanent maintenance of official record; members, officers, etc., not personally liable; legislative oversight committee established; composition; appointment; expenses.
§ 24-1A-5. Powers of authority.
§ 24-1A-6. Bonds.
§ 24-1A-7. Proceeds from sale of bonds; use; issuance procedures; distribution percentages; allocation of proceeds available for single family mortgage loans.
§ 24-1A-8. Refunding bonds.
§ 24-1A-10. Bonds eligible for investment by state and local governments and by executors, trustees, etc.
§ 24-1A-11. Applicability of certain provisions of Uniform Commercial Code.
§ 24-1A-12. Exemption from taxation.
§ 24-1A-13. Liability of state.
§ 24-1A-14. Exemption from usury and interest laws.
§ 24-1A-15. Freedom of authority from state supervision and control; authority deemed independent instrumentality.
§ 24-1A-16. Earnings of authority; nonprofit; excess paid to state.
§ 24-1A-17. Dissolution of authority; vesting title to property in state.
§ 24-1A-18. Utilization of services provided by Department of Finance.
§ 24-1A-19. Conflict of interest; rules governing.
§ 24-1A-20. Chapter not to aid in refinancing.
§ 24-1A-21. Liberal construction.
Article 2. Home Buyers Initiative Act.
§ 24-1A-40. Short title.
§ 24-1A-41. Legislative findings.
§ 24-1A-41.1. Legislative intent.
§ 24-1A-42. Definitions.
§ 24-1A-43. Mortgage guarantee fund; fee; payment warrants; reimbursements; depletion of fund.
§ 24-1A-44. Alternative housing programs; certified amounts; modification and depletion.